The Mercury Retrograde - Calendar

Step by step instructions to Use the 2017 Mercury Retrograde Calendar 

The logbook features the noteworthy periods of Mercury Retrograde utilizing diverse hues: 

The Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow stage is appeared in blue, with violet showing where the impact has a tendency to be felt all the more firmly. 

The Mercury Retrograde stage is appeared in light red, with the time that Mercury is in Retrograde Station demonstrated in dull red. Amid the retrograde stage, a darker shading is utilized to feature the time when Mercury is moving all the more gradually and when its impact has a tendency to be felt all the more firmly. 

The Mercury Retrograde Post-Shadow stage is appeared in dark colored. The Mercury Direct Station, as Mercury stops its retrograde movements and is going to move advances once more, is shown in dull dark colored. While Mercury is as yet moving gradually and has not speeded up, the impact of this stage tens to be felt all the more unequivocally and is shown with a darker shading.

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